Industry Partners

The Industry Partners

Dr Power sitting around a table with four culturally diverse people: two women and two men“Creating Out Loud” saw Dr Kate Power work closely with three “lead” arts and culture Industry Partners:

These Partners supported the “Creating Out Loud” research project by

  • hosting Dr Power in their organizations throughout this project, and giving her access to organizational learnings;
  • piloting and evaluating an existing peer-coaching program, and contributing to the design of a new program tailored to arts and culture; and
  • sharing their experience of peer-coaching with colleagues and networks across the arts and culture sector.

The Industry Reference Group (IRG)

“Creating Out Loud” was also guided by and accountable to an Industry Reference Group, which included the three Lead Industry Partners and

The IRG met quarterly throughout this 18-month Fellowship: contributing industry knowledge, informing the research methodology, advising the Fellow, overseeing key decisions, reviewing data analysis, co-designing the new peer-coaching guide, and disseminating findings.