1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium 2021

The Creating Out Loud peer coaching program has met with strong approval from artists and arts workers around Australia.

In December 2021, Dr Kate Power presented preliminary results from her Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship at the 1st International Music Livelihoods Symposium, hosted by the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre and/of the Griffith University Creative Arts Research Institute. Academics and practitioners from around the globe gathered to discuss educational and other support structures to increase the sustainability of music careers.

Dr Power reported that artists and arts workers see Creating Out Loud peer-coaching circles as appealing, worth the time commitment, easy to use, and a realistic support for the arts and culture sector.

Most participants found their own peer coaching circle made a positive contribution to their wellbeing, and was an appointment they looked forward to. Participants also reported feeling understood and accepted by each other, within an atmosphere of helping one another. They also believed the peer-coaching experience helped them develop as a person, learn from how others in the sector pursue their goals, and – in the groups that were set up across organizations, locations, and art forms – to expand their professional network.

Qualitatively, participants valued connecting with new and diverse peers – and having meaningful conversations. And Creating Out Loud gave them a way of talking about important topics that might not come up in conversation with everyday contacts.

Participants also valued giving and receiving mutual support, and being reminded that there is solidarity in the sector.